Inhabitants of the Known World

There are many different intelligent species (and of course many more non-intelligent species) in the known portions of Sollus. This page will list some of the intelligent species (omitting those not commonly known and being saved as surprises by the GMs). Non-intelligent species will be listed elsewhere, possibly as Creatures or Biosphere or Monsters.

A Note About “Race” in this Campaign Setting: If the term “race” is used herein, it is most likely intended as a synonym for species, as in the Human race is the Human species, Orc race is the Orc species, etc. For Humans, there is no concept of “race” as a term for skin color, hair color, eye color, or other external features. In fact, Mendel’s laws of genetics don’t even apply to Humans in this setting; an olive-skinned man and a dark-skinned woman have just as much chance of producing a pale-skinned child as any other skin color. The Tribes of Humans and Orcs are groupings based on culture, habitat, and language, not external coloration or features.








Glossary: Brief Definitions of Terms and Proper Nouns, with links to more detailed info if applicable.

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