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The world in which Dark Age of Dunland is set is a complex one, with multiple nations and wild areas spread out over several continents, home to even more diverse tribes and cultures of Humans, Orcs, and other folk not generally known. This world has thousands of years of history, from the dimly known Age of Legends, through the Age of Heroes and Age of Empire, to the more recent Dark Age since the Cataclysm and the fall of the Empire. This page is the index into all of this information, which the Players are free to peruse, although they must remember that their Player Characters will not necessarily be so well informed about their world.

Player’s Guide to Dunland: Essential basic knowledge which your Player Character should/would know about his/her native land. Highly-recommended for reading and study unless you want your PC to act like a fool.


Glossary: Brief Definitions of Terms and Proper Nouns, with links to more detailed info if applicable.

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