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    h3. *_"Lake County Mysteries" Mystery/Horror Campaign_* *Since I haven't paid for Ascendant membership yet, we only get one campaign space, so for notes on the "Lake County Mysteries" Mystery/Horror Campaign go to

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    h1. *_Dark Age of Dunland_* *_It has been almost 200 years since the Empire collapsed, and things have gotten worse every year. It is time for the people of Dunland to take their destiny into their own hands and forge their own mighty future!_* * …

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    ==================== *[[Glossary]]*: Brief Definitions of Terms and Proper Nouns, with links to more detailed info if applicable. Back to *Wiki Main Page*

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    h2. *_Lake County Mysteries_* This campaign, centered on the fictional [[LCM_Setting|Lake County, Missouri]], will focus on solving mysteries and fighting the forces of Evil, both Human and Supernatural. I expect the [[LCM_Characters|characters]] to …

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    [[LCM_Main]] > Setting The campaign will be set in *1976*, prior to widespread use of computers, the internet, or cell-phones (I will suggest a few movies and TV shows that might be helpful to get the feel of the period). The location, Lake County, is …