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The campaign will be set in 1976, prior to widespread use of computers, the internet, or cell-phones (I will suggest a few movies and TV shows that might be helpful to get the feel of the period). The location, Lake County, is fictional. It is based on the idea that after the Osage River was dammed in 1931 to create the Lake of the Ozarks, the state government created a new county on the southern edge of the Lake, made up of portions of the existing xxx and xxx Counties. The main towns in Lake County are Lakeside (combined Lake Ozark and Osage Beach renamed) and Dunwich, which extends from the southern edge of Lakeside about five miles south down Highway xx (map). Dunwich is a college town (Dunwich College, private) and is the county seat, while Lakeside is oriented toward tourism.

Notes on flooding by Lake




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